1. Do I need to register?

Yes, If you want to become an exhibitor of CII EXPO 2017, then register here or if you plan to attend the CII EXPO 2017, as an visitor then register here, and fill up the required information.

2. In which cities did the exhibition will take place?

The CII EXPO 2017 will be held in the most advanced city of Canada - Surrey (Vancouver), BC.

3. I am from India, Can i became an exhibitor of this expo?

Yes anybody can became the exhibitor for this expo. It is an International expo for all countries.

4. Who can register?

If your business belongs with: Business and investment institutions operating in Construction/Property/Housing, Technology, Manufacturing, Tourism, Communications, Computing, Textile and Apparel then you are eligible for registration.

5. What Packages do you offer to exhibitors and visitors?

There are three type of packages: Exhibitors Cost Packages, Investors / Visitors Standard Packages and Sponsorship Packages.

6. Is this a free entry expo?

The Free Entry is only for Local Canadian or US Visitors (Registration Required).

7. What are the benefits of exhibition on this expo?

Click here to explore the benefits of CII EXPO.

8. How to apply for a visa for this expo?

Click here for the information regarding visa.